Grateful Friday

What am I grateful for? A week in the city! I was raised in the 'burbs and spent my whole adult life in a little mountain town. A week of city life is incredibly exciting to me. I'm glad to be with someone who appreciates it along with me--we walked almost every neighborhood: The Haight, Nob Hill, Berkeley, Union Square, Mission, Sausolito, and Tiburon. We ate at every type of restaurant: Indian, Chinese, Italian, crepes, fancy and plain. We saw Candye Kane at Biscuit and Blues. We drove north to Mill Valley and south to Half Moon Bay. The cable cars ran about 10 feet from our front door in Nob Hill, so we jumped on and off and rode around the city.

Special secret cool thing to do in the city: The Cal-Berkeley campus Sather Tower concert. For $2 you ride an elevator to the top of this 307 foot tower called the Camanile. It has a 61 bell carillon (care-a-lawn). The biggest bell weighs over 10,000 pounds. At noon a man comes up and sits down at a giant keyboard and starts pounding it with his fists. The sound of standing directly under all these bells ringing out across the city is incredible.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, Is the man in the photo real or fake? He doesn't look real.


Cathy said...

Yes, he was very real. The photo looks odd because I took it through glass and there are funny shadows. His head is actually all the way to the left of the picture.