Who Needs a Groundskeeper?

We seem to have acquired a full time groundskeeper. When the roofing season came to a screeching halt a few weeks ago, all of our employees were laid off. It's a seasonal thing with us; we don't roof in the winter around here. One of the employees, Justin, offered to rake up the leaves around our yard. Sure, why not? He works hard and it very conscientious. After the leaves were done, he took down the old jungle gym and a dead tree. Then the deck needed to be stained and now he is working on building up that center island flower bed that I've wanted for the past three years. The jobs keep piling up and we keep thinking of more stuff for him to do. Siding the house? Re-do the front landscaping? Cut back the wisteria? It's win-win. He likes doing it, he gets full pay, and we're finally getting things accomplished around here.


Nessie Noodle said...

always nice to have ahelping hand for all those honey-dos!

thanks for the happy wishes.

Anonymous said...

Why did you take down the
old play structure?
- Allison