Scientific Wonderland

The Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park just re-opened in September and it is simply spectacular! Within it is a planetarium, a rainforest biosphere, an aquarium, in addition to many displays. Get your planetarium pass as soon as you walk in the door with an assigned show time. The half hour show takes you around the world and out into space to other galaxies. You cannot help but be overwhelmed with the possibilities of space.

The roof is one of the special features of the building, over 2 acres of almost 2 million native species of plants. I thought it was fascinating.

Of course there is a heavy emphasis global warming and what we need to do to stop it, but it is the most pressing issue in science today, and they are on a mission of public education.

Also, we stumble upon a hidden feature, called the forum. This particular show was about Bugs!, a 3D show, very well done. Don't miss it, if you go.

We spent most of our time in the aquarium section, because I was having a blast taking photos of all the exhibits. Before we knew it, we had spent five hours in there!

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Nessie Noodle said...

oh! we had meant to get to that place over the NV Day weekend but because of weather didn't make it down. It is on our list to do this next year though for sure!