My Only Political Commentary

Barack Obama is speaking at my alma mater, the University of Reno, Nevada right now. No, I'm not there, even though it's only five miles from my house. When I checked at 9AM the line was over a mile long to get in, so I declined (lame, I know). McCain has cancelled his appearance here.

Why is this significant? Well, Nevada is a swing state. The entire state is Republican, except Clark County (Las Vegas). However, the second largest county is Washoe. Reno is the biggest city in the county. As of August, Washoe County has Democrats have 81,000 voters to 86,000 Republican voters, BUT there are also 28,000 non-partisan voters.

Four years ago, almost every car on the road had either a Bush or a Kerry sticker. It was tight. And it ended up being 51-47%--a difference of only 6,700 votes.

This year I scan and search every parking lot, every car I pass on the road. It's hard to find a bumper sticker anywhere with only 35 days to go. There is a definitely feeling of dismay. The Obamas outnumber the McCains, but not much.

Why does this matter? Because we here in this city could quite easily be the tipping point. If Washoe County goes Blue, then the state goes Blue. If Nevada is Blue, then the USA might end up being Blue too.

I'm just saying. VOTE!

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Nessie Noodle said...

You know what they say, "Vote early, vote often" tee hee.

I think we can hit the poles as early as Oct. 18th.... ZOIKS!

wow, a mile long line? crazy talk. but good just the same. Let's hope this "mississippi of the west" state/town that we live in can get it right this year! :)