Genoa Candy Dance

This is without a doubt the biggest craft fair that I've ever attended. We wisely went early Sunday morning. This is an important strategy to remember whenever you are going to a weekend long event. We realized just how crowded it had become as we were trying to leave.

Genoa itself is a true gem. The oldest town in Nevada, it was started by Mormons who found themselves up against the eastern Sierra in 1851 and decided to stay. Old barns, antiques stores, restaurants, and Nevada's Oldest Thirst Parlor.

I hate to say that we never saw any candy or any dancing. I saw the candy booth in the distance, but we didn't make it that far. And the dancing is a Saturday night thing. The endless booths just went on and on. If you love craft fairs, this is the place for you. I almost got that beautiful vase with the lilies above, but couldn't make myself pay $75 for it. After about three hours, we gave up and headed out.

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