Grateful Friday

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert absolutely deserved their Emmys for helping us keep our sense of humor while the world crashes around us

Loving Frank

The glory days of fall: warm and delicious

Helping my mom with projects around her house, getting it just the way she wants it

Looking forward: Buckwheat Zydeco, Genoa Candy Dance


Bobbie said...

Cathy when are you going to Candy Dance? Mom and my sister Dawn came up from RC today and we went for a few hours. It was fun and the candy and kettle corn, what can I say but yummy!
BM was "interesting". I did stay for 6 days so I guess you could say I enjoyed it. I would so go again, with a few major changes.
Have fun in Genoa.

Bobbie said...

opps, this is Michelle not Bobbie. She always changing my log in. Mothers!

Bobbie said...

also where is the lookout you all stayed at. That is so COOL!

Cathy said...

Hey Michelle~

We'll be at the Candy Dance tomorrow. We were supposed to go today, but the UNR vs UNLV game interfered with our plans.

Burning Man is an experience, no matter what. I heard that it was particularly bad this year, so you were very brave for a newbie. Maybe next year will be better and you'll know a lot more.

Cathy said...

Oh, the lookout is at Calpine--33 miles north of Truckee. You stop in Sierraville to sign in and pick up the information. It is booked most weekends, but very available midweek. It's open all year, people snowshoe or snowmobile in the winter.