Summer Evenings

After working extra hard during the day (to make up for lost time while I was sick), the evenings around here have been heavenly~like a whole weekend each night!

Around 4PM, I take a shower to wash off the heat of the day. We turn on music on the house speakers, inside and on the deck. There will be fresh fruit for a snack: cherries, apricots, watermelon...or peaches...or nectarines...or whatever is cool and refreshing. Then I take a glass of ice tea or limeade or wine outside with a stack of reading materials (books, mags, puzzles). I might get comfy on the couch or slide into the hammock. I'll probably doze for awhile.

Around 5:30 the cooling mountain breeze flows down the eastern Sierra slopes, rustling the leaves in the trees. Brad cooks something delicious for dinner, something light and summery, lots of veggies. Maybe a little dessert, maybe a tiny glass of limoncello. A walk around the neighborhood or down to the river and back.

Then we could watch a movie or the Tudors. Or just sit out and watch the stars coming out.

Finally, when it's good and dark, crawling through the mosquito net into the outdoor bed beside my husband, listening to the chorus of crickets and frogs, 'til I drop into a deep sleep.

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Tiffany said...

outdoor bed...I'm jealous! Though, if I was really ambitious and replaced the screening on my porch, I could sleep out on the daybed out there...but it might require killing my neighbors :^)