Outdoor Living

Last winter we had the deck re-built; it was in sad condition. The new one is basically the same, just a little bigger at the edges. We’ve owed the dining table for several years now. The outdoor kitchen consists of a BBQ, rotisserie, griddle, burner, sink, and refrigerator. The outdoor furniture with Sunbrella fabric is from Costco and the durable rug came from Lowe’s. The ceramic planters are filled with fountain grass that I planted and hopefully they will fill in quickly.

But the thing that makes it feel finished is the shade sails from Reisinger Rigging that we put up a few days ago. I’ve been obsessed with them since I saw them last year at Moana Nursery. We finally decided on these sails and I think they’re perfect. This is the preliminary design, we will make a few adjustments. They add a modern, artsy quality to the backyard. They were easy for Brad to put up and he has attached quick-release carabineers, in case the wind gets out of control. In the winter, when we take them down, we’ll still get the sun warming the house.

It’s been a project that we’ve worked on for over a year and it’s finally to a stage where we can enjoy being outside most of the time, basically increasing our living space by half. When you count our outdoor bedroom, we could live out here all summer. If we added an outhouse, we’d never have to go inside.


Nessie Noodle said...

ooh! thanks for the link. We have been thinking about something like this for our backyard so this is perfect timing.

looks like a great spot to sit and enjoy the evening breeze.

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I can't wait to see it!