Barking Dogs

Dear Neighbor,
Your dogs have been barking at nothing, solidly without a break, for hours today.

I need to ask you to please keep your dogs from barking. I work at home and my productively goes down every time you allow them to bark constantly; I simply cannot concentrate.

In the summer the windows to my house are open all day long. I cannot enjoy being in my backyard at all. Yesterday it was the little one mostly; the big one gave up after awhile. But today both of them have been going non-stop.

They were very good for the last few weeks, but now it is worse than ever.

Please take care of this situation. It is unfair for my days to be ruined because of your dogs.

Thank you for addressing these concerns.

I composed the above letter today, wondering if I should mail it. They had those barking collars on for awhile, but now they bark constantly, so they are either off or they don't work any more. I have considered the Dog Silencer. No, it's not a gun; It's a high frequency sound that dog's hate, but people can't hear. But I am reluctant to spend $90 on their problem. Any suggestions?


Del said...

My sister had a barking dog problem next door also. She just spoke to the owner over the fence. This worked for awhile and then my brother-in-law simply turned up his stereo in his garage everytime the dog barked. The neighbours finally got the hint. My dad also had to phone his neighbour one time in the middle of the night and say, "are you awake, when they said "yes" he said "so am I, so shut those dogs up."

Anonymous said...

Is that your neighbor's dog? It is one ugly looking animal. Maybe you will have to call animal control. I was sorry to hear the collars didn't work. I am thinking about buying one of those high pitched squealing devises. I was woken up twice last night by barking dogs.


Anonymous said...

It sounds as if their proplem has clearly become your problem. I would speak with them and if you don't feel comfortable with this, I would just call up animal control and make a complaint. Usually pet owners have three chances to quite their dogs. Then it turns into fines. Vickie

Cathy said...

I didn't mention that Brad has already asked VERY NICELY if they can keep them quiet.

The music idea works great to re-focus my attention on more pleasant sounds, but does nothing to let the neighbors know that we are unhappy, because they are not home while the dogs bark.

I also like the idea of attaching a copy of the county noise ordinance. Just sort of saying, "I know what the law is and now you do too".

Nessie Noodle said...

oh man... our little fur balls bark, but I pull them in the house and re-occupy them as soon as they start.
i would say animal control if the owners haven't responded to your complaints.

until then, try to find the "om" in it. Sounds crazy but when I am practicing my yoga and I hear a car alarm or a dog barking or a jet over head I try to find the positive sound in it and go from there...

good luck friend!