Grateful Friday

Live music~Jackie Greene last night~I am so lucky to see talented musicians in smaller venues. The music fills me up to overflow. I know a thing or two about how to get around the system and I literally jumped over the bushes to sit at his feet through the whole show. You can see his performance on Conan O’Brien last Tuesday here. He’s going to be a superstar and I will say, “Remember when I wrote on my blog about him.” Buy his new CD.

30 years! Yes, that’s three-oh years of marriage, in which time neither one of us has thought about throwing in the towel yet.

Postcard swap again. I am a sucker for those little pieces of joy that arrive in my mailbox.

Talking with Bruce Van Dyke before the show last night. He is my personal hero~started the X radio station back in 1990, completely changing the face of music in Reno forever. Jackie Greene would not have played in Reno last night if it wasn't for him.

Bootleg CD sharing. I have found priceless live performances through the internet. People generously share music that would never be available commercially. Check out Dime a Dozen or get hooked up with your favorite artists’ forums.

The promise of another blues weekend~camping, friends, music, wine, laughter.


Del said...

Can I participate in this postcard swap? If so, what do I do??

Cathy said...

Sure, anyone can. You have to go to Hula's site, click on the link above. Before June 15 leave a comment with your e-mail, just like here.

She'll send you the addresses of 10-15 people to mail creative summer-themed postcards to and you'll get 10-15 of them in return.