The Tree is Up

A little late, but it's done. We had the best time picking out a tree. I hate to admit that we went to Home Depot, where they have quite decent Noble Firs. We didn't like any of the display models, so we went inside and grabbed one that was still wrapped in twine. It was as tall as we needed, the trunk appeared to be straight, and it had a good top. So we took it, as is, sight unseen. We brought it home, put it in the stand, and cut the string. Viola! A perfect Christmas tree--no holes, upright, lovely even branches. We decided to do a surprise tree like this every year.

You can get a Christmas tree as big as you would like from the National Forest for only $10. Just stop in the office and ask where they are cutting. This is an incredible deal if you like big trees. It makes a wonderful family outing too. We did it for years and years, but now that our kids are grown, it's not as much fun for us.

Brad built this plywood box to add some height to the tree. It works perfectly and we re-use it over every year. I just wrap a cloth remnant around the base. It's not even Christmasy, just green material. But since it gets quickly covered with presents, it really doesn't matter.

Brad is very careful about wrapping each branch in little white lights, that twinkle, not flash. He makes sure they go all the way to the trunk, giving the tree a full feeling. When you put on the ornaments, start with the plain round fillers on the inside branches. And then hang your special ones on the outside, where they are more visible.

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Tiffany said...

Sooo pretty! I do and don't miss the real tree - do for the smell and memories of childhood; don't for the mess and the allergic skin reaction when trying to straighten it and put on the lights.