Tuesday Christmas Hints from Magazines

Being a magazine junkie, I have collected a few great ideas this season that I’d like to share here.

Bells on Ribbons—Real Simple, Dec 2007, pg. 304. I love these little bell shaped ornaments. This is an unusual way to use them.

Christmas Ball GarlandCountry Home, Dec/Jan 2008, pg. 88. This looks so pretty. If I could think of a good place to use it and see if I can find “brass bicycle chain” somewhere.

Christmas Balls for vases—Better Homes and Gardens, Dec 2007, pg 91. These are cute little flower holders, but I couldn’t find an online photo. Glue a Christmas ball to a little mirror disk from a craft store. Take the top off the ball and fill with water and little short flowers. You could tie a ribbon around the neck of the ball too.

Green Snowflake OrnamentsSunset, Dec 2007, pg 70. I am making one of these today to hang over our bed. If I like them, I want to make a row to put in the windows.

Christmas Card Ribbon DisplayCountry Home, Dec/Jan 2008, pg. 36. I am doing this, for sure. Quick easy display. I never know what to do with all the cards.

Green shipping alternatives--Country Living, Dec 2007, pg. 24A. Use real peanuts, not styrofoam. Or wrapped peppermint candies, or scrunched up sheet music, or pinecones and greenery.

Ribbon Spool Holders--Country Living, Dec 2007, pg. 74. Use an upright paper towel holder to stack your ribbon spools.

LuminariasCountry Home, Dec/Jan 2008, pg 28. Aren’t these pretty? I think you can get these plain glass vases quite cheap and just wrap them in a subtle scrapbook paper. Slip in a votive candle.

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