Tuesday Quick Hints

Cinnamon—Fall is the perfect season for adding cinnamon to your life. It levels out your blood sugar, increases antioxidants, and aids digestion. I sprinkle it on fresh fruit to keep the sugars from spiking. Add it to your oatmeal or cereal. You can stir it into peanut butter too.

Good gossip—Find a way to tell wonderful things about your friends, co-workers, or strangers to other people. It creates a feeling of goodwill. Not only are you avoiding negative gossip, the people whom you told will feel good about you, and assume that you also say nice things about them to others.

Grammargirl.com—Find out the answers to all those little naggy questions, who or whom, lie or lay? Short and easy to understand answers. There are podcasts that you can listen to also.

7 Habits of People with Great Memories from Prevention magazine:

  1. Less than two alcoholic drinks a day
  2. Less than one hour of TV daily
  3. Read novels
  4. Do crosswords
  5. Eat fish
  6. Drink tea or coffee
  7. Keep a journal

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Anonymous said...

Try doing a What's there Weddnesday! This is where you tell them that you found something or things at certain stores that you think are cool or just awesome. Keep it up Aunt that I love.
-just another day in my insanely real life blogger