Confession Time

Since I got this laptop and started the blog, my days revolve around whatever happens on this little screen. I read and write, e-mail, daily blog, comments on other blogs, flickr. It’s a ridiculous amount of time. I need to force myself away. So new rules: make a schedule of things to accomplish, keep myself busy so I won’t sit here all day. After the blog is done, I need to walk away. Check the mail again in the evening. That’s enough.

I invented this schedule to bring structure to my days. Not working a regular job is wonderful, but lets you float without addressing issues that need to be taken care of. I’ve been floating for a long time now.

The top boxes are for Monday through Friday. I put walk and blog at the top in ink because I do them everyday. Friday is left mostly open because all the other stuff from the week tends to get pushed back. The bottom columns are for the weekend, things to buy, things to do next week. I left two columns blank, right now I’m using them for blog ideas, and other thing to remember, but they can be used for anything really. It’s simple and straightforward, everything on one piece of paper, instead of six. You can make your own quickly. I made the outline on a pretty piece of paper and photocopied several back-ups.

Now I’m set to get on with my life.

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