San Francisco Weekend

San Francisco Weekend, originally uploaded by c8mills.

Rode the Babes on a Bus to San Francisco with two friends. Anthropology: an Audrey Hepburn book for Amy. Ferry Building: outdoor craft fair/farmers’ market. Missed my mom (sorry!). Presidio: Watercolor Exhibition, Ecology Trail to Inspiration Point, lunch at the outside deck of the golf clubhouse. Walking all the way back across the city, Pacific Heights, down Sacramento Street, stopping a little shops that appealed to us: ribbons, buttons for Lori, yarn, decorative goodies. Belden Place. Cider at outdoor alley pub (thanks, Karyn). Good-bye hugs. Walked up Grant through Chinatown alone to Columbus to meet Brad and kids at O’Reilly’s Pub. More cider. Walked down to Stinking Rose: longest garlic braid in the world, lots of House Chianti, Bagna Calda (garlic soaking in a hot tub) spread on bread, ravioli with Garlic Basil Alfredo. Slept at San Remo Hotel, a boarding house from 1906. Serenaded under my window by five drunken crooners. Breakfast at Pat’s. The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill laughed at me. Wharf walk. Funny bread shapes at Boudin’s. Seals. A shot of Patron from Ty. Another cider. Raiders lose. Long drive home.

I was going to write a description of all the things we did in SF, but when I look at my notes above, it says it all


Dominique said...

San Francisco I miss you... Been there only once and can't forget the extraordinary feeling. Will go back one day, worth the long flight from here!

Lucky you...

Anonymous said...

It was a perfect day in San Fransisco (with the exception of not being able to find you). How could the weather have been any better? We had a great lunch at Pier 39, and ended up drinking tea in the lobby of The St. Frances Hotel.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

We had lots of fun with you guys this weekend. One of my favorite parts of Sunday was when the parrots were laughing at you!Let's go again!


Lori said...

Thank you for such a great Saturday in the city. As always, I enjoyed your company so very much, and benefit from your beautiful outlook on the world...and I knew I could count on your blog to sum up our city hike! I agree with Amy, let's go again!