Tuesday Quick Hints

Moo cards—I am in love with these little cards of my own photos. You can order them off Flickr and several other sites too. 100 cards for $20. I’m on my second box already.

Cloth napkins—I swear this is the easiest thing to do. Paper is just not as good as the feel of real napkins. We use them daily. I will admit that if it’s just me and Brad, we re-use them if they aren’t too dirty. If we have company, they’re always fresh. You just toss them in the washer with a load. The hardest part is folding, not much effort involved.

Rszr, Intelligent Image Resizer—This is the best new invention I can think of. The program analyzes what is most important in your photo and adjusts the sizing accordingly. You can shrink or stretch and things stay in proportion magically. They use a technology called seam carving. There is a short video you can watch that explains it. But it’s super easy to use. It’s free, on the web.

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Anonymous said...

I really like those little cards too. I gave away the 5 that I took from you. I hope the people are checking out your blog.