Football Saturday

Not that I ever have football fever, but my alma mater from the north were playing their arch rivals from the south in a sold out showdown. Who can resist? Our friends got to the parking lot at 7AM to hold a tailgating spot; we moseyed in about 10:30. Lots of Bloody Marys and Mimosas were served, followed by chili cheese dogs.

I learned several new things from the college boys there. First, how to break a beer bottle without hurting anyone. Should I give away the secret? OK, you put a dime in the bottom of the empty bottle, tap it against your heal until it breaks a hole through the side. Then when you hit it gently against something (like someone’s head?), it shatters dramatically.

Next, I learned how to play Ladder Golf. Entertaining as horseshoes, but less set up involved. Once you build a simple PVC 3-rung ladder, each player has three short ropes with golf balls tied on the ends to toss at it. The rules are easy: 1 point for the bottom rung, two for the middle, and three for the top. If you get them all on one, or one on each, you get an extra point. If you land on 13, you go back to zero. First team to 21 wins. That’s it, whole game. You can find the simple directions for making your own here.

The crisp autumn weather was perfect for game day. The stadium was packed with fans from both sides. Possession of the famous Fremont cannon was at stake. It was a pretty even match, low scoring game, until our side scored a touchdown with 27 seconds on the clock to win the game! Massive partying to follow.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have gone! But I did watch football on sunday and I can't to go to the Raiders game! I love football, Ty says that I'm the man in the relationship.


Nessie Noodle said...

oh man... I could hear the noise of the sold out crowd from my house!
looks like you had a good time!