Stop Spending Now

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I’m still on my high horse from yesterday, thinking about what our society does to us as women. I am torn about the whole thin vs fat issue, because the media promotes thin as “in,” but in most cases, it truly is healthier for you. You have to decide for yourself your ideal weight and work to maintain that, not because everyone expects it, but because it’s the right thing for you.

However, it is the societal pressure on women to spend money on unnecessary items that makes me crazy. As I said yesterday, the clothing industry is out of control. Women spend lots of money on clothing they will wear once or twice. They spend money on cosmetics that really do not enhance their appearance at all. Perfume and jewelry are other big money wasters. I know people write whole treatises on women’s self esteem and out of control spending, but I’m talking about ordinary women, doing everyday things.

So, this is my suggestion: wean yourself away. Don’t go near a store unless it is absolutely necessary. Have a list, and stick to it. Don’t be tempted to stop at the cosmetic counter on the way to buy sheets. While certain basic things, like shampoo, toothpaste, and moisturizer, are necessary, all those other things are just superfluous. You don’t need the $125 jar of face cream, when the $15 one does the same thing. It’s enough to buy yourself a few pieces of clothes to add to your wardrobe every spring and/or fall. That’s it, no more. New purses and shoes are not going to change your life for the better, trust me. I bet you can cut your spending on these items by 50 percent, at least, if you try. Think of all the good things you could do with that money.


Tiffany said...

I know you can't see it, but I am giving you the biggest thumbs up and hearty, "RIGHT ON!"


wingweaver said...

How funny that this should be your topic...I just went shopping on Sunday for a new purse and new shoes.... and found them both (at Target for a total of $60.00). The thing is, they do change my life for the better, they make me HAPPY - maybe I'm just shallow. I love both of my purchases. A boost to my confidence and all that since I think they are stylish and look great. While I do agree with you that the media and retailers take advantage of women, at the same time it's important for women to take time out for themselves and feel special and pampered. After working outside of the home & taking care of my husband and son all week, it definitely is therapy for me to shop on the weekend and spend a little of my hard earned money on myself. After all..."A happy wife equals a happy life"