Burning Man 2007

Burning Man 2007, originally uploaded by c8mills.

It’s wonderful to come home and fully appreciate little things like free-flowing water, a clean bed, quiet. It is impossible to go to Burning Man and not come back changed. For some it’s a deeply spiritual experience, for others it’s a wild party, for me it’s an escape from everyday life into a far different world.

I always wonder what it would be like if a society could really function like BM. Imagine how we would be with commerce only for absolute necessities, no advertising, minimal services available, no TV, no cell phones. You live very close to your neighbors and spend the majority of your time outside. People have tons of time for creative pursuits, long conversations, sharing of meals. People focus, of course, on the incredible party, but it is the daytime lifestyle that appeals to me.

The one thing I find about myself is that I am so much more open there. I am a naturally shy person; usually I find it very difficult to have a conversation with someone I don’t know. But when I’m there, talk flows effortlessly; there is so much to discuss. Every single person will at least say hello, and most will stop to talk, just because. Lots of them will give you a hug when they say good-bye. This fascinates me. Also, it truly does not matter what people choose to wear (or not wear). I have no problem talking for an hour or more with a naked stranger. I wish the world was more accepting of what’s okay to wear in public; people can be so creative with their clothing. The fashion world has messed us up with their “in-style” philosophy.

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Tiffany said...

I have promised myself that I will one day make it to Burning Man and reading your highlights from this year...man, do I want to go!

Love the pictures!

Nessie Noodle said...

beautiful photos.

I have a hard time going out when there are so many humans on the playa. I grew up in Gerlach, I know what the playa is like all year long and how magical it is no matter what. you are right, it is different out there..

I need to scan my photos from 94 BM (the one and only that I atteneded).