Bittersweet Good-bye

Yesterday was one of those days parents dread; my baby left for good. Although Amy has been living in Truckee for the last two years and we are in Reno, she is an everyday part of our lives. She has decided to escape the cold of the Sierras and move 200 miles away to the coastal area of California, Sebastopol to be exact.

I am happy for her and proud of her ability to pull this off. She has worked hard and saved money all summer, so she will have a little cushion until she finds a job there. She intends to go to college in Santa Rosa next semester. She adores the house they have rented there, with a tree full of ripe apples, raspberries, grapes, and blackberries all ready to pick.

We had her with us for 20 years; it seems so short now.


Anonymous said...

"What a beautiful daughter you have, both inside and out'
I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face ~ for you, but also remembering when you girls left the Sacramento area. Going back even further I am recalling leaving Britain on the Queen Mary, coming to California to get married. Oh dear, I have to get busy and do something. Maybe a cup of tea!


Bobbie said...

Cathy...Amy is beautiful...she looks a lot like you.
It is hard when the youngest leaves home no matter what their age is. I remeber the day Paul left Rancho to go to Grand Forks North Dekota on his small motor cycle. He was going to live with his older brother Michael. It was in the fall and I knew he would be running into cold weather. OH how I worried about him until I knew he was saftly there.
I also remember when Mike and I left Minnesota to move to California leaving my Mom, Dad and brothers and a sister.It was very hard for me to leave all of them. but we do what we have to do being thankful that we can
I enjoy reading your blog very much.Your pictures are awesome !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the nice things you said. I'm so happy to be getting out of the snow for once in my life. I think that Kona is happy here too, she has so much to watch in our back yard. It's going to be hard to adjust and I'm going to miss seeing you guys every week. Like always we will talk everyday even if it is for no reason but to say Hi! I hope your having a good day and I will talk to you later.


Sanne said...

I have two little ones and dread the day they will leave home. Good luck to your daughter and to you for both starting a new phase in your lives.

Anonymous said...

We raise children to be independent, confident, motivated, kind people. Yet when they become just that and move onto a new journey in their lives, it is so difficult to fill the space they have left behind. The house is quiet, the phone is silent, the car still has gas. We re-evaluate our place in their world and wish them success, discovery, personal growth and wisdom. You Cathy have achieved so much with a daughter like Amy - now watch her wings spread and enjoy every moment.