Smashed Sandwich

Once in awhile, my family asks me to make a smashed sandwich. Tonight we are going to Lake Tahoe to see Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew" and need to take a picnic--it will be the perfect thing.

1 round loaf of bread
Olive oil, lemon juice and various chopped fresh herbs mixed together
thin sliced ham, salami, turkey, and provolone cheese
roasted red peppers
whole basil leaves

Cut the top third off the bread. Gut out the soft white bread, leaving a thin layer and the outer shell (do the top too). Brush the lemon juice, olive oil and herbs all over the inside of the bread and top. Start layering in the meats, cheeses, peppers, basil and anything else you want (onions, olives, pickles, zucchini, whatever). Layer it any way that makes you happy, willy nilly. Make sure to press and tuck into the inside edge as much as possible. Mound it high in the center, so the top will be filled when you put it on. Put it together and wrap tightly in waxed paper or foil. Put into the refrigerator with a cast iron pan on top, fill the pan with heavy objects. Leave for a long time, two hours to overnight. When you cut it into wedges, it will be beautiful!

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