Tuesday Quick Hints--English Style

Shattered Glass: To clean shattered glass, use a piece of bread to wipe up all the shards of glass and then just toss the bread in the rubbish bin. Brilliant!

Clogged Ketchup Bottles: Right, if you have a stuck bottle and it's driving you mad, stick a straw into the bottom while holding your finger over the end. Let go and tip; the air pressure will let the clog loose. But never put ketchup on your chips, only malt vinegar.

Tear Up Your Guide Book: My sister, Lisa, did this on our trip. To make traveling lighter, buy a guide book at the second hand store, tear the pages you need out, and clip them together. Much more practical than carrying a heavy book around, as well.

Stop Kettle "Furring": When the inside of the kettle gets a bit dodgy with hard water build up, boiling vinegar cleans it out. Or you can buy a little bit of steel wool (no soap) to boil inside once in a while. Then you're ready for a lovely cuppa tea.

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