Saturday Afternoon on the Prom

Llandudno's Promenade is the center of attention on a Saturday afternoon. It's about a mile and a half of waterfront walkway, busy with families paddling in the water, eating ice cream cones and candy floss. As you walk along you need to dodge the grayhairs, who take the term "strolling" literally. A concession rents out red and white striped deck chairs, so everyone sits in matching chairs. They bring picnics of egg salad sandwiches and tea, pre-made in thermoses. For the children, there are donkeys to ride up and down the beach, and a Punch and Judy show, which is annoying us to no end, since we can hear every word through the open windows of our flat. Everyone takes a walk out on the pier, with little tourist shops and arcade games lining the way. Tonight we will go to the bandstand to see the town band play. It doesn't get dark until around 10PM, so there will still be many people out enjoying the evening.

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