A very Welsh town, Llanwrst (Cland-roost), seemed deserted of all tourists but us. The locals joked in Welsh about us on the bus ride there, but kindly stopped the bus at a non-stop to let us out near the cemetery. Wayne and Lisa had bought a map with a walk which we wanted to follow. Unfortunately that turned out to be impossible. The trail had clearly not been walked on at all this year. We just made our way over pastures, through gates, and around lanes, inquiring of everyone we met if we were going the right way. They cheerfully confirmed that we were at least headed the right direction and waved us on. As we walked higher and higher, I was kidding the girls that we would see something spectacular when we reached the top, and amazingly there was a clear view of Snowden, the highest mountain in Wales.

The reward for this long, arduous journey was a cream tea at Tu Hwnt I'r Bont (house by the bridge). Fresh scones with homemade jam and whipped cream--heaven!

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