Walk Around the Great Orme

After lunch my uncle, Jon, started badgering us to go around the Orme with him. As it had been raining all morning and the sky was still dark and threatening, we were a little relucant to take on a 4 1/2 mile trip, because there is no refuge if you are caught out there, no way back quickly. Finally he said, "I'm going. Who's going with me?" and my mother went to get her walking shoes, so I knew we were in for it.

The first half is quite steep and the wind was howling, whipping my hair into my eyes, and I was sure that we had taken on too much. Great walls of rock loom overhead. But miraculously, the wind was at our backs and virtually pushed us up the hill. It turned out to be quite easy! At the half way point there is a teeny cafe, called Rest and Be Thankful (which we were). After a quick cup of tea, we were fortified to continue just as fat drops of rain started coming down. Oh no, this was going to be the hard part, with the wind against us, even if it's downhill. But the rain never got much momentum and the wind was pleasantly cool, the view towards Angelsey and Conwy spectacular. The heather is just starting to bloom, tender purple buds. A herd of goats peaked over the crest at us and we marched by.

We arrived at Pat's house, windblown and tired, but triumphant. She served a lovely tea in delicate little teacups with sweets. Then we were ready to face the final mile walk back to our flat.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you made the trip around the Orme in one piece. Did Amy join you? We made it home after a 22 hour journey and are recovering today. Had a great time in Bath. It is a beautiful city and unlike any other I have seen in England or Wales. Three of the four of us woke up at 3am and started unpackign and getting organized, after a Father's Day breakfast out we went to Raleys and ran into Vickie. It is wonderful to be home and seeing neighbors, friends, etc. after several weeks away. Have a safe trip home! Lisa