Tuesday Quick Hints

Fodor’s Photography Hints: Good overview of various tips for better picture taking—quick and easy review.

Summer Reading List: I often go to the NPR website to listen to things I missed when they were aired on the radio. Yesterday, I caught the end of Talk of the Nation while they did the Summer Reading List. You can listen to it here, it’s over 30 minutes long, but I thoroughly enjoyed thinking about what I’m going to get to read soon. They also have the results on their blog at npr.org/blogofthenation.

Calling Foreign Phone Numbers: To dial a number overseas dial 10 10 297 011, the country code, then the phone number. If you use the codes 10 10 297, it only costs 3¢ a minute plus a connection fee of 39¢ BUT if you call a cell phone they charge a lot more-- connection fee of 39¢ PLUS 25¢ a minute.

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