Shower Remodel

I wish I had a picture of the old shower to show you; it was truly awful. Our friend Brian did the remodel and Tim did all the tile work. It’s great when you have talented friends. I asked for a seat, because it just seems practical to be able to sit and shave your legs or just rest for a minute. If you have room, it’s a high priority. I also asked for a ledge about four feet from the ground. Brian thought I was crazy to have it framed in, but it’s perfect for the soap dish, shampoo bottles, razor. It works.

Instead of being totally square, we cut the corner off to make more floor space in the bathroom, so we needed to have a custom pan made for the floor because it’s an odd shape. We framed a short wall about two and a half feet tall on the outer edges which we topped with clear heavy glass. The wall is tiled on the inside, making it less expensive and easier to clean. I was against the clear glass really, because it’s hard to keep from water spots. But I think it was the right decision; opaque would make it too closed in. Now we have to squeegee it off after every shower, but it’s a habit that you soon get used to.

We had to redo the seat because it slanted the tiniest bit towards the back, which made the water pool against that back edge. If you ever remodel a shower remember to tilt everything toward the center.

(The window you see in the last pic is just a reflection in the glass).


Karen said...

excellent design I agree a seat is a great idea

Anonymous said...

Hope my bathroom remodel comes out as well as yours. Right now, the bathroom is gutted and I'm hoping all the decisions I have made regarding tile and everything else that goes into a bathroom are the right choices. I'll know soon.

Love Mom