Grateful Friday

Family Heirlooms -- I am thrilled to be entrusted as caretaker of the Mills family china. It is an elegant pattern with platinum rims by Noritake that Bill bought in Japan and brought home with him on a B-52 bomber. I will cherish it and preserve it and use it.

Wonderful things blooming in my neighborhood now--lilacs, irises, broom, snowball bush, peonies

Mother's Day flowers

Hearing from an old friend

Invitation to a postcard swap

Lovely Book Club meeting last night--made me laugh a lot--everyone was so kind and supportive of me.

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Anonymous said...

Cathy, I'm so happy you got Jan's china. Sher had a meltdown the Friday morning she woke up and discovered I was using her moms china coffee cups. I was too stupid to think about looking in the dishwasher for an actually everyday coffee mug. Duh!!! Anyway, cherish them. Jan and Bill would be happy to know you have her prized china. All my love, Gwen