Take Down the Pumpkins Day

I am not ready to face putting up the Christmas decorations yet, but I can at least clear out the space. The pumpkins make my house feel warm and happy. I hate to see them go. Because we will be away all next week, I don’t feel obligated to put up a tree or all the other paraphernalia now.

As our kids got older and moved to their own homes, we have given them most of our Christmas decorations, especially anything with Santa or cartoon characters on it. They appreciate all the childhood memories and I am free to get more adult appropriate things. Since this house is so much smaller than the last one, I don’t need as many things anyway.

Our parents gave each child a special ornament each year as they were growing up. They now have quite a collection. Also, my mother has given Amy a different piece of Spode china in the Christmas pattern every year. She now has enough to set her own table. This is a wonderful gift idea for a child, or even an adult.

The other day, I did take a moment to look around the house and decide what colors would work in here. I’m so glad I did because when I was in Target buying some gifts, I saw a table runner in red and gold that will complement the house. If I hadn’t thought about it in advance, it would have never occurred to me that it might be right.

In general, I prefer naturalish decorations. You know, pinecones with a little glitter sparkle, greens from the backyard, berries and things. I so admire homes that can pull off all blue and silver, or green and white, but it will never work here.

What’s your color scheme this year? Do you always use the same stuff or do you mix it up?

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Anonymous said...

Looking for those special ornaments for each grandchild every year was always fun. It often took me quite a while to find just the right one. It gave me an opportunity to see all of the cute ornaments. I think the ornaments I enjoyed giving to all of you the most, is some of the ones I gave all of you that were on Bill & my first Christmas tree. They are now 50 years old. I hope they continue down through the generations with an explanation of their origine.

Love Jan