The Christmas File

I have just organized my Christmas file for this year. I found a red file folder to set it up in. I’ve really got enough stuff that I should start a binder, but I like being able to keep in handy right on my desk. A binder would be too bulky.

On the back cover I wrote my essential list. These are the things I have to do every year:

Christmas cards
* Buy stamps
* Write a letter – print
* Address and sign cards
* Print return labels
* Tree
* Indoor decorations
* Outdoor decorations
* Crackers
* Bought or made
* Wrapped
Plans to visit relatives
Christmas eve plans
Inventory for next year

Whenever I see something that might work for the holiday, I throw it in the folder. Then I categorize them into cooking, gifts, decorating, and hints. I clip these together with paperclips and post-it notes. I also have the Christmas letters that I have written in the past in there.

At the end of the season, I weed out ideas that I didn’t use and probably never will. And I make a list of what I’ll need more of, like bows or wrapping paper, for next year.

Do you have any ideas to keep the holidays organized?


Anonymous said...

Before I got sick I always looked forward to preparint for Christmas. When the kids were little is was so much fun watching their excitement. I always decorated the whole house, even the batbroom. Candles were everywhere. Maybe you remember. Cookie baking was always, so much fun. For some reason I always enjoy picking out Christmas cards GO FIGURE. Then there is always the letter to send out with the cards. Oh! how I love getting the letters from friends & family and hearing about their families. Gift wrapping was always so much fun, even though I wasn't too good at it. Now it is just to difficult for me to do all of these things. As you know we put up a little tree, wreath on the door & candles. I did get a variety of items and a unique dish to arrange them on. I will.put it on the little table in the entrance hall, or on the dining table. I plan to get it put together next week. Sarah & I are going to bake cookies on the 13th, so every one will get a Christmas tin of them. Next week I am getting the Christmas cards ready to go out about the second week of Decemember. I am waiting to finish the letter after our party on Sunday, so I can tell all about it. I am really looking forward to the party. Don't forget to remind everyone up there, that the flag will fly over the capitol In D.C. in Bills honor tomorow. Friday 12/1. No matter what, Christmas is always a special time of year & every one has special memories & traditions. Love

jpquilter said...

this is amazing - I had a red notebook years ago where I did the same thing but as the kids got older, I kind of backed off a lot of the organizing stuff - one thing that has saved me over the years is that we have all of our stuff stored in rubber storage tubs that are clearly marked and sorted in the order that we like to bring things out - so one box has the Santa collection that we put out at Thanksgiving and another the nutcracker collection that goes out a week or so later
have fun