I am enjoying being im*perfect right now. I don’t have to write perfect sentences. I don't need to find the perfect word to fit my writing. And I don’t have to frantically fix errors when I find them. Just let them be for awhile. Maybe I’ll get to where I like them more that way.

All the stamps on my cards don’t have to be straight. I don’t have to buy the perfect gift to satisfy everyone on my list. A good gift will do just fine.

There’s a mistake in my Christmas letter. I sent it out to everyone anyway, knowing that it was there.

It is okay.

What’s imperfect in your life now?

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Anonymous said...

At the ripe old age old age of 71 I have come to at least a couple of conclusions. One is that I realy don't know myself, so I am trying to learn who lives in this body. I like that I am a happy person and love my sense of hunor. I have learned that I am a strong person and can usually take what the world throws at me. I know that there are many hopes & dreams that went undone There are so many other things that came along to make it good. The best one is my three kids. They have made my life so full & happy. While it was a lot of work & worry, There was more fun & laughter. When I was young having a family was not high on my list of priorities. Now I cannot imagine life without them. In the end I think I did a pretty good job of it. One of the thingsthings I would chagne about myself Is to speak up for myself. I do not like confontation, so I just found it easier to agree. WHAT A MISTAKE. I am trying to remedy that now. Unfortunately in speaking up it now seems I am being confrontational & always disagreeable, so I still tend to just agree. Without patting myself on the back, I love talking to people & having people around. All in all I have had a good life and have a good husband & marriage. Perhaps I have told you more then you care to know. I guess my message is to look into yourself & do the best you can to figure out who you are.

Love Jan