Opening Christmas Cards

When Christmas cards used to arrive at our house, I would open them immediately and hang them up with the others ones we received from friends and family. The problem was that no one really looked at them after that. I got all the pleasure of opening them, but no one else did. So one year I decided to save them and after dinner a few nights a week, we split them up and everyone got a chance to look at them and read out loud what greetings were written there. The kids would always groan if they had to read a letter and we'd laugh. Now that the kids have moved, Brad and I still share this tradition together.

While we’re on the subject, I really appreciate people who take the time to write Christmas letters. (Thanks Auntie Ellen and Karen). It’s so much better than just getting a card signed, “Love, Blank & Blank.” I want to know what’s happening in people’s lives.

After we read them all, I gather up the envelops and shove them in a folder. That way I have them all together when things quite down after the holidays, I can quickly check the addresses and update my files all at once.


rkcmckenna said...

Thanks for mentioning my Christmas letter. This was the first time I did it, and it was easier than I thought it would be. I'm glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Our minds must be working together, I also enjoy the letters. In fact in the first paragraph of my letter reads.
"Every year I start out my letter with one of several phrases. Hope this finds all of you good. Well here we are another Christmas, where did the year go?, or some such phrase. This year take your pick, or make up one of your own. Some folks say here come those letters again. All that bragging about our wonderful children and grandchildren. Whinning and crying, because the past year has been a rough one, etc. However; I for one enjoy all of your letters and hearing about your families and hope you enjoy hearing about ours. I guess friendships would end, if we didn't hear from each other once in a while"

So keep those letters coming. By the way, mine is the typical letter. Jan