Kenny Wayne Shepard

Since he was a child protégé, KWS has been on the road for over ten years already. I’m surprised that we’ve never seen him before. We didn’t intend to go, but our friends couldn’t use their front row tickets due to Christmas party conflicts; our gain. This is the closest I’ve been to a real rock concert in a long time. Apparently, Mel Gibson's newest son-in-law knows how to play guitar; he does it with ease and finesse. He wisely chooses not to sing and defers to his partner, Noah Hunt, in that arena. At the end of the show during the requisite grand finale, I laughed that he did all the rock star poses, but I have to admit, they made the best pictures.

I am having a love affair with my camera lately. Concert lighting is especially challenging because of the big colored spotlights behind their heads. This is what I’ve learned: turn ISO as high as you can, turn the flash as low as you can, turn the exposure up, but not so high that they get washed out. And don’t, whatever you do, think that you can stand 100 feet away and use a flash; it won’t work, trust me. Just enjoy the show. I took 84 photos last night, threw away 40 of them in the car going home, edited the rest down to 22 good shots.

In general we avoid casino shows, they cost too much and they have early curfews. I heard the Nugget fined Todd Snider $800 for going 15 minutes over. But this time, I was happy to be driving home at 9:45, content with seeing an impressive show and getting to bed early.

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