Delicious Breakfast

I invented a new breakfast this morning. Looking at the fruit basket and feeling guilty because I haven't been getting my 5 a day, I didn't want to eat raw fruit. At Donner Kitchen they serve a thin pancake wrapped around warm fruit. I figured I'd make the fruit without the pancake.

Started melting butter in a frying pan, tossed in chopped apple, clemintine segments, almond slices. In the pantry I found dried apricots and golden raisins. Added a banana right at the end, so it wouldn't get soggy. Sprinkled it with cinnamon. I ended up with a heaping bowl of sunrise colored jewels.

The whole thing took less than ten minutes, maybe 8. What makes it cool is that you can use anything you can find in your kitchen. And I didn't use any sugar at all. Ok, I did use butter, but you could be healthy and use Promise or some other fake-butter spread.

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