Dinner with the Family

Laughing, drinking wine, catching up on what we’ve been doing and making plans for new adventures. One of the things that makes me happiest in life is having our kids here for dinner. Our daughter, Amy and her boyfriend, Ty work in restaurants in Truckee, so their evenings are mostly taken up. Occasionally they have a free night to spend with us. Then we call up Jeremy and Dawn, Brad cooks, and we have a spontaneous little party like we did last night. The six of us are an easy group, very comfortable together and fun to be around.

Recently my DDIL (darling daughter-in-law) has started calling me Mom. When she first did it, I wasn’t ready to deal with it. But in the last month, she very deliberately says Mom and it thrills me every time. I have so loved having a daughter, and lately I am doubly delighted to have two very special girls in my life.


Anonymous said...

Family dinners are one of the best pleasures in life. They should be treasured. So many families don't take time for them anymore. Perhaps they should consider that a family dinner is.moreimportant then a soccer game, or some kind of lesson; these things are important, but family dinners are a must some times. Love Jan

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Family dinner time was always so important to us as you girls were growing up. Every night we turned off the TV and sat down to dinner at the table. We were forced into talking to each other. Now that I am alone I really miss that part of the day.

I love it when the lovely Dawn calls me Grandma.

Your blog is great, I look forward to reading it every day.

Love Mom