I wanted to show you how the centerpieces came out. They were so easy that Allison, who's ten years old, did most of it. We just filled the vases with apples, pinecones, leaves, and acorns. Then we tied a bow around it. We had two that looked quite nice together.

The other main decoration was the little votive holders with mums. I bought a mum plant at the grocery store and Allison cut off the flowers in pretty groupings. It worked out so well, it's the easily display that I've done so far. My family thinks it's hilarious to call me "Cathy Stewart."

My favorite things from this year: having Wayne's mother from Chicago with us, Sherrie riding on the go cart, Jeremy having his hair "done" by his cousins, Olivia serenading us on the piano (Amy took that photo), Sarah's green beans, and Ann surprising us with her famous artichoke dip (we thought she was out-of-town). This is part of a note I got from my sister-in-law, Sherrie this morning:

I think our situation is most unique, in that we get together as extended family and celebrate Thanksgiving. I love being with everybody. Thank you so much Lisa and Wayne for opening your home again. I noticed this year how comfortable we all are in each others presence. The first couple years it was like we had to have everything just perfect. The past few years things have certainly changed, just kick off the shoes, relax and visit. When I’m older I’ll have so many wonderful memories of these Thanksgiving dinners. I may be old and alone, but in my mind I will always return to these years and remember the love and family. It’s like an old pair of jeans—worn just right, comfortable, relaxed. How lucky we are.

She is so right!

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Ambrose said...

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Great Britain as you do,
but it is a true delight to read of the way your extended family come together and enjoy the day.

It is a treat to see that such an event is "Done Properly" by people who care, as it increases the pleasure and the feeling of bonding which strengthens all the family

What a great pity that so many people do not share your experiences
You are however by your blog going to show strangers just what can be done

Congratulations to you all