Blog Comment Instructions

Several people that I know have written e-mails to say that they tried to send comments to the blog, but were having trouble. I so much want to see what you have to say. Please try again. I helped my mother-in-law do it and it is really quite easy. At the bottom of each entry, click on the word "comments." In the box provided write your comments. Under that there are three buttons. Change the button to "other" or even "anonymous." If you leave it on "google/blogger" it asks for a password. You do not need to do that. You can add your name and website if you want, but they are completely optional. Click the "publish" button and you're done. It sends it automatically. Don't worry if it doesn't appear on the blog immediately. It takes awhile to go through the system. It will appear within a few hours.

Today while I was reading the paper I noticed that some stores are audicious enough to open at midnight on Thanksgiving night! This is crazy and it has to stop. Do not encourage them by participating. Adbusters.com has had a campaign of "Buy Nothing Day" for a couple of years now. The idea is that you take the day for relaxing with your family instead of going on a consumer buying binge. Buy it any day but Friday!


Ambrose said...

The email replies to your blog must arrive from many and divers locations,

Do you have method of monitoring which part of the world from which they were sent ?

I have a website and am able to say from which country the "Hits " were made,complete with a little flag, and access to information about the country

A good way to get the younger family members interested in Geography



Cathy said...

yes, you're right. I get a thrill from looking at where my hits are coming from. I have you in England and someone else too. Also Ireland, Australia, India. Recently I have new hits from Ohio, Florida, New York, Texas and Washington DC, which is fascinating to me, because I don't know anyone in those places. It appears that people are sharing the site with others, and that warms my heart. Please don't worry, I do not have access to any personal info, names, address, emails are not available to me. I will check out your website now, thanks for adding the link. You'll get a flag from Reno, NV.

Ambrose said...

There was a flag from Reno Nevada on the 28th November at 11:37 p.m. from a Charter Communication sever

Whoever it was,
only stopped a second

Well it was getting on for bed time

Maybe you / they will return another day and explore many more pages about how life was lived
all those decades ago

After all it was the Blog of that era