Out, out, damned spot!

What's the worst stain you can think of? How 'bout pomegranate juice? On your special holiday tablecloth? That's what happened to me this morning. Leaving my sister's house after Thanksgiving last night, I threw the tablecloths into a box so I could wash them when I got home. I also threw in the leftover pomegranate juice from Amy's punch. Because we got home late at night, we left the boxes in the car. When I unloaded them this morning, the tablecloths had bright pink splotches, some as big as platters. And they had sat all night.

I figured that my best bet was to use Spray and Wash on them and see what I was left with after I washed them. They came out of the washer perfectly clean, not a spot to be seen! I will be a lifelong devotee of Spray and Wash.

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Anonymous said...

As I always say, "The Whole World is on the internet" This includes how to get stains out of anything, even rust on cement. Go to Google, then type in whatever the stain is. You would type in Remove pomegranent stain from cloth and the remedy will work. Spray n Wash is great, but it doesn't always work. Try it the next time you have a bad stain. .