Thanksgiving Plans

I feel incredibly blessed on Thanksgiving. Our families are so wonderful that they actually spend their holidays together! All the Mills and McKennas meet up at Wayne and Lisa's house in Folsom, who are so generous to allow us to fill up their home. We'll miss Karen, Randy and Cameron this year, but everyone else will be there. My contributions are to make the cranberries, mashed potatoes, and to decorate the table. Every year I do something different. This year I have two shapely hurricane/vases that I am going to fill with apples and maybe acorns too. I have five amber colored votive candle holders that I am going to use as mini-vases for flowers. Maybe I'll just use some smallish grocery store mums in fall colors. I'll try to remember to take a photo. It gets so crazy as I finish the table, the food comes out and everyone scrabbles for their seats, drinks are poured and we dig in.

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