Joe Louis Walker and Chris Cain; Check the Roads Before You Travel

Last night we made the familiar trip to Crystal Bay at Lake Tahoe to see two of the best guitarists around, Joe Louis Walker and Chris Cain. Chris was the first artist I saw live that opened my heart to the blues and I will be eternally grateful for all the pleasure that has brought into my life. We've seen him at least 20 times and he still stuns me every time. In between, I forget the impact until it hits me again. Joe Louis did a much better performance than when I've seen him in the past. Seemed like he was really on. He has a higher voice than you would expect from a big black man, but it gets your attention. He came out into the audience and shook a few hands, including mine, while he keep playing. Both performers will be at the Horseman's Club in Sacramento today, along with Magic Slim. If you live anywhere close, you should be there.

We will not be able to attend, because there is a major snowstorm in the Sierras between here and there. I have found some websites that keep us informed about what's happening up there. First, I love to go to the webcams, http://video.dot.ca.gov/ so I can actually see live action video of Highway 80 in several locations, including the summit. I'm sure you can find ones in your area too. The NHP http://www.nvdpspub.gov/nhp/roadhazard.aspx and CHP http://cad.chp.ca.gov/ have traffic incident reports, up to the minute, that I check often. Sometimes Amy calls me on her cell phone to have me check the road so I can let her know of all the accidents and closures before she drives down. Our other resource is the local news station's weather center http://www.kcra.com/wxmap/971317/detail.html. It has dopplar radar and satellite loops that show where the brunt of the storm is hitting. All these tools helped us decide to keep off the road today.

Instead, Brad is making cheesy potato leek soup and I'll probably spend the day in my pajamas.