Barefoot Contessa at Home

I adore these new cookbooks by the Food Network. Even Rachal Ray, who I cannot tolerate on tv, but I can read her books. Ina Garten's newest one well worth the time. The photos are gorgeous and she writes essays about her life in between the recipes, about topics like serving an important dinner or developing new recipes.

When we had guests this last weekend, we tested the scalloped potatoes with artichoke hearts, and the apple, pear, cranberry crisp. Both went were delicious and easy to make. I am dying to try out the spinach, pea, and pesto salad with parmesan and pine nuts. I can taste it already. You don't really need the recipe, do you? You can wing it from my description.

They have the book at Costco for $18 or you can get from the library.


Ellen said...

I have the book too and really like it. It's the first of Ina's cookbooks I actually bought. Took the others out of the library. I am a little surprised at all of the negative reviews on amazon.
I made quite a few of the recipes already and they've all come out great.

Georgie said...

I made the spinach/pea salad last night. It was great. I didn't have the receipe so I just winged it. I used the Classico basil pesto in a jar. I found it at Bel Air. I will make it again soon (maybe tonight!)