Things I bought at Costco last week: Crackers, gift wrap set, X-mas cards, bows, along with a few gifts, cereal, dried blueberries, green tea, and string cheese. You can’t do better for quality and quantity at a reasonable price. If you intend to buy Christmas items from there, do it very soon. They run out of stuff and do not restock. For two years we have gone around trying to decide if we wanted to buy an artificial tree from them. They look good, but the lights stay on, they don’t twinkle. In the end we haven’t done it yet, sticking with the real thing for now. I’m not a fan of all their Christmas items, some of them seem to be too big, too gaudy, too much.

We stopped in around 6 pm one night to pick up something quickly and could not believe that no one was there. I always rush to get there on a Tuesday morning at 10, before the let the general public in. And it’s still busy, but at least it’s not the deadly Saturday crowd. It seems that evenings are the secret. Although I’m sure that it will become more impossible as we get closer to Christmas.

Before you leave Costco, pick up two of their gorgeous roasted chickens. The grocery store ones are downright puny compared to these beauties. This is an idea for two dinners during these crazy days from the December issue of Fine Cooking: eat one for dinner, then use the second one for another dinner later in the week. Some ideas: cut it up to use in soup or stew, green or creamy salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos. Try it in pasta with chicken, artichoke hearts, garlic, lemon, and black olives. Or a casserole of diced chicken, b├ęchamel sauce, asparagus or broccoli, parmesan.


jpquilter said...

welcome to blogland
hope you are enjoying it
for now, I just wish I could get out of the driveway to get to Costco (snowed in here)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy... I have been meaning to write on your blog but keep putting it off..don't know why either. I am enjoying reading your blog very much. You have so many interesting things to say. I do look forward to your Tuesday hints too. I really liked your pictures. I especially the one of you reading that Lisa sent you. I copied your idea.. While we were on our trip to Minnesota in Sept our son David took many pictures of different family members. I printed up some, bought frames and sent them out. Everyone just loved them. I will continue to do this as I find pictures that I like. I thank your mom for sending me your blog.
Bobbie Yankovich