Costa Rica Remembered

These pleasant pictures warm up the master bathroom wall. I took the photos in Costa Rica last winter and I wanted a reminder of the sunny warmth I felt there. It was simple to do.

Since the pictures were taken with a digital camera, I opened each one in Photoshop.

Under filter chose fresco.
Brush size 2
Brush detail 8
Texture 1

Play around with the different settings. Use the undo button often until you get it the way you want.

Under print, change the settings to an appropriate size. Brilliant white paper would not give it that dreamy quality, so I printed mine on a creamy/tan colored cardstock made by Bazzill. It has a thick texture that looks like canvas. It costs about 40 cents per sheet at any scrapbooking store.

I tore the edges of the paper to give it a rougher texture. The background paper is actually just cardstock from the scrapbooking store. When I bought it I had no idea that it matched the wall color exactly. I just wanted a similar soft yellow. The frames were found at Aaron Brothers during their two-for-one sale for $10 each. At Pottery Barn they wanted $39 each -- ouch!

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rkcmckenna said...

I really like the photos you've included in your blog.