The Leonids are coming! This is one of nature's most spectacular shows--don't miss it. Dress warm, pile on the blankets, and bring something cheery to sip. The shows starts early here on the West Coast, on Saturday, around 8:45PM. They are calling it a "strong outburst" lasting approximately two hours. Yippee!
Make lots of wishes.


Ambrose said...

Dear Cathy
Congratulations on your Blog

You have started with two of my favourite topics of the moment.

The Leonids have announced their imminent arrival on the 18th November by giving early wakers the glimpse of a spectacular shooting star above
Ipswich, East Anglia, England.
at 06:45 this morning the 17th November

I have this year grown Gourds for the first time in decades, and intend to make some into birds nests and others into decorations

I will now follow your ideas with great interest

Ambrose from Felixstowe England

Georgie said...

I am going to be outside searching the skies for the Leonids. Problem is, it's been foggy the last few nights but I will give it a try.


Anonymous said...

I will drive into the foothills to view the spatacular Leonids. What a treat for the soul !!!!

Georgie said...

I'm curious about Anonymous! I went outside but as I predicted it was too foggy to see Leonids. There were a few stars visible. Did Anonymous see anything when he or she drove to the foothills?