Grateful Friday

 protein shakes with yogurt, vanilla, and fresh berries--yummy!

clearing out the magazines

stir fry for dinner

a walk every day for a week


SierraSnowSoaps said...

The salads sound so yummy! And by making more at a time it does save time later. A walk every day for a week sounds good, something I have been neglecting since I got laid off. Of course I blame you! Since reading your side log of books read I have been spending a LOT of time reading, up to 3 books a week. This is something I never could have done while working so I am enjoying it so much. I just love Philipina Gregory. I have read everything our library has of hers. Thanks for the list. : )
Michelle in NV

Georgie said...

I'm off to the Farmer's Market this morning. Taking your list of salads with me. I am looking forward to having a bunch of salads all ready to eat. Thanks.
Oh yes, the mallard photo is fantastic.
How am I going to survive being in Peru without you and your camera?

Anonymous said...

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