Sit Among Your Flowers

Getting down low, eye-to-eye with your beauties, literally changes your perspective. Get a chair or a blanket and pull up as close as you practically can. By settling in comfortably you will have time to not only enjoy this world close up, but see how it works more thoroughly. You can watch a honeybee gather pollen, flitting from one blossom to the next. You'll notice any infestations that need attention. You'll be thrilled to see minute buds just starting to form on the tomatoes, imagining how good they'll taste a month from now. You'll inhale the mint and basil at nose level. The whole world looks different at that angle.

Compare photos taken looking down on the plants and looking directly at them. See how much different they appear (at the same camera settings). The ones on the right are distant and harsh, the left ones are soft and enjoyable. Even without a camera, your eyes will do the same thing.

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