Tuesday Quick Hints

Sweet Pea Spread--if you love peas, this is a real treat. Defrost frozen peas, whirl in a food processor with a little garlic, lemon juice, a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Slather it on thick bread, with ham and cheese if you want, for a wonderful sandwich. Mine came out a little more garlicy than I expected, so next time I am going to use fresh basil instead.

Lawn Patch--it's so easy to repair missing spots in your lawn. This stuff has seed, fertilizer, and mulch all incorporated. The base is recycled newspaper (you can see words once-in-awhile). you're supposed to water it twice a day, but in Nevada that means 4-5 times a day. I live with a hose in my hand.

Dr. Earth--all natural, organic supplements for the garden with live probiotics (like yogurt for the garden). I have about 5 different kinds now. I also have the compost starter to help break down the nasty stuff and turn it into black gold.

Cookie Jar for kitchen scraps--I am experimenting with composting for the first time. At the thrift store, I found a plain white cookie jar with white basket weave pattern and a tight lid. It has a place right next to the trash can for saving all the left over fruits, veggies, tea bags, egg shells, etc.

Yogi Teas--have you seen these? All natural with health-providing properties. They have them for all types of solutions, such as cold relief, joint comfort, detox, women's cycles, sleep aid and relaxation.


Tiffany said...

Sweet Pea Spread - yumminess! I will definitely be trying that.



Georgia B. said...

i'm actually going to try that sweet pea spread! it sound so delish!

i love yogi tea. i have had a box of the orange for a while. i also love their packaging...and the name. :)