Not a "Grandma"

I've had a problem with the whole Grandma thing. Grandma is fine for a title, a relationship marker, a description, but it sucks as a name. My daughter is adamant that I can't be Grandma Mills, because there already was a wonderful Grandma Mills, and I am not her. It doesn't feel right and I don't want to be called that.

Now, since he won't be able to talk for more than a year, it shouldn't matter that much right now. But it does. He will call me what other people call me. Unless we wait until he comes up with some cute little misspoken name, I will be stuck with Grandma until then.

So, I want you to help me out here. I have looked a few popular grandparent nicknames. Please tell me which ones you like best (or which ones you hate). If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Should I be:
Gramsie (or Gramzy)
Grandi (gran-dee)


vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

Oh!! what a sweet sweet face.

we like "grandloon" and "coo-coo mama" round here :)

I like gramsie though from your list

Anonymous said...

Definatly not Moppy or Granola (Granola?!)... the best one from your list I think is Nanna...


NellJean said...

Most times, children will decide for themselves by what name they will call the grandparent, once they learn to talk. My grandson calls me 'Grandmother' and not because anybody asked him to.

My DIL decided that her grand should call her 'Gammy' which came out 'Mammy' and she didn't like that. Left to her own notion, the child calls her 'Nay Nay.'

That beautiful, intelligent child will decide for himself what you should be called and it will be cuter than any that you've thought of.

gwen said...

My daughter calls her grandparents on both sides what the grandparents decided early on they wanted her to call them [Granny was especially adamant about this!].

I like Nana.

Ani said...

we have a 'grandma', a 'nonna' and a 'grammy'. ...boy howdy, what a sweetie!

(and from my blog...grammy, kidlet and i always shop at raley's (unless we are having a splurge at whole foods). it is nice to have a local-ish store that is so friendly.)

Bobbie said...

I don't have a name for you but he is beautiful !!!!!

Angel Hugs...Bobbie

Delena said...

You know what- when he starts to talk to you won't mind what he calls you. You will be over the moon with the sound of his voice. I am called gramma and I love it!. Oh my gosh, your granchild is beautiful. Look at those eyes! He looks like he should be on a gerber commercial!

Molly said...

what an adorable baby! we call our grandmas "grandma (insert name)", so i'm no help in this department. though i can say that when my daughter started talking, she began calling her grandpas "pa (insert name)", and it stuck! now we call my dad "pa rich" and my FIL "pa george", and i absolutely love that my daughter came up with it all her own at age 1.

Georgie said...


I don't like Granola (it's cereal), Happy or Moppy, somehow don't sound right to me. I kinda like Abba or Bella. I have enjoyed being called Grammie by the younger grandchildren. Your children have always called me Grandma. A year or so from now, the problem will resolve itself when that beautiful baby boy starts to talk. How about Brad, what does he want to be called?

Love Mom

Cathy said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful responses. I am personally leaning toward Gramzie right now. As you say, as time goes by it will be more up to him and I will love whatever he wants to call me.

Brad doesn't seem to care about that. Even after reading this post, he didn't want to have his own name yet.

Thanks again, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Cathy. I do not want to be called "Grandma". Sounds old to me. I'm going with Nana. Good Luck choosing just the right name that is going to suit you and your personality. What a cute little peanut he is!

Aunt Gwen

Susan said...

Hey, Cathy ~

Oh, he is too precious for words - he's growing into his own little person!

My mom felt the same way (Grandma sounding too matronly and old-fashioned) - since my husband's mom expressed a preference for Nana, my mom asked my kids to call her Mimi, which has turned out to be a lovely term of endearment... :-)