Talent Show

We waited all week to see the Slab City Talent Show. One of the reasons we went to Slab City at all was because Brad saw the U-Tube videos of the craziness at The Range and wanted to see it in real life.

We stayed for most the afternoon and went back after dinner. We were the only non-locals left there. Over the course of the week, we had made a few friends out there, so people were kind to us. Brad astounded some guys when they asked if he had a corkscrew and he pulled out right out of his pocket, like a magician with a rabbit. They were all giving him high-fives and bowing down.

The Range is a large slab with old couches, theater seats and benches around a stage. There was a hot dog stand at one end. Old plastic buckets used as stage lights. Of course, the real reason to go is the people watching. They put on a hellva show.


Delena said...

What an adventure you had. In Canada(please don't take offense) we call these areas where you visited, The Land of Fruits and Nuts....
I love people watching and I can sure tell by your blog you and Brad follow the music. Good for you.!

Nessie Noodle said...

awesome. just awesome.