The Official Center of the World

Felicity stands alone along Hwy 8, proclaiming itself as The Official Center of the World.

You pay $2 to gain entry to the pyramid and stand at the center of the world, then you get a certificate. There is a video to watch about how it started. There are long granite slabs, carved with the history of humanity, since the beginning of known time. They hope to someday have over 5 miles of granite. They have a spiral staircase from the Eiffel Tower. The arm of God, by Michelangelo, copied from the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, is a sundial. It's an unusual place, to say the least.


Bobbie said...

are you coming to Yuma ?

Angel Hugs...Bobbie

Cathy said...

Bobbie~I tried calling you today. Just got an answering machine. I'll try again tomorrow. We'd love to see you.